Provable Solvency Report #61 – April 2019

Coinfloor is a custodian of client bitcoins and we believe that we must set the industry standard for transparency and regular audits. Without proper public accountability, the industry will not be able to grow and mature. This is why we are committed to releasing a
Provable Solvency Report every month. Coinfloor is proud to have the longest standing track record among bitcoin exchanges in regards to auditing.

Today we are publishing our 61st monthly Provable Solvency Report with step-by-step
validation instructions for your convenience.

As of today, Coinfloor holds a total of
4,373.9570 XBT on behalf of our clients. You are invited to verify that your held bitcoins are included in this balance by following the instructions below.

What does the Provable Solvency Report include?

We started out by creating an obfuscated report of all current client balances (the Solvency Report) and then generated a
SHA-256 hash of this report.

We then created a bitcoin transaction to ourselves, that includes all currently held client bitcoins, for a value of
4,386.9236 XBT. The output of the script also includes the
OP_RETURN of the SHA-256 hash of the report, proving that at the time of making the solvency report, Coinfloor held all of our clients’ XBT funds. You can
verify the amount and details of the transaction on the blockchain.

Key Pieces of information:

Provable Solvency Report #61 (April 23rd, 2019):

SHA-256 Hash of the Provable Solvency Report: 61E9889A1AE35FB8B7C262F3344B82B2B835929A4B522D9109A349ED6554E466

Transaction ID: 79c0383df1635ef6f95772a746754c250c229137f72887510703104df789e6d6

View the transaction here:

Your API authentication cookie:

You will find it in My Account > Dashboard in the Coinfloor signed in view, in the API section (visible only for fully verified accounts).

Instructions for Validating Solvency Report:

1. Open the Provable Solvency Report file:

2. Go to or to your SHA256sum calculating application.

Copy the entire contents of the solvency report (including any leading or trailing spaces or blank lines) into the SHA-256 generator and calculate the SHA-256 hash of the report.

3. Go to

Click on the `SHOW ADVANCED` switch to view the OP_RETURN, where you will find the hash generated in the previous step matches the hash in the OP_RETURN output script of the transaction that includes all customer bitcoins.

Instructions for finding your account balance within the Solvency Report:

1. Go to

your local SHA1sum application

to calculate the SHA-1 digest of a message consisting of the timestamp shown at the top of the Solvency Report (1556017367) and your API authentication cookie.

Example (Linux):

    timestamp: 1556017367

    API authentication cookie (API Key): 9BTa7M0Z/Mrk6tFMJwEkTV3BQek=

    command: echo -n ‘15560173679BTa7M0Z/Mrk6tFMJwEkTV3BQek=’ | sha1sum

(the command may differ depending on the SHA1sum application used)

2. Find the resulting hash in the solvency report. Your balance is shown on that line in satoshi units. 1 bitcoin = 100 000 000 satoshis. For your convenience, here is a link to a bitcoin unit converter:

We believe that this approach is the best way to achieve maximum accountability whilst retaining privacy for our clients. We welcome your feedback and hope that in time, other exchanges will also help safeguard client funds by providing proof of solvency reports to their users on a regular basis.

Thank you for your trust,

Coinfloor Team

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