Gaimin․io Developed a PC-Based Platform to Create a Global, Decentralized Data Processing Network

UK and Swiss based gaming and blockchain company, GAIMIN.IO Ltd has developed a PC-based platform to create a global, decentralised data processing network with “supercomputer” level performance. The GAIMIN platform utilises underused processing power available from high performance GPUs and rewards users in its own cryptocurrency, GMRX, for participation in the GAIMIN data. Why is […]

The Nervos Network’s Ben Morris Talks About Godwoken, the EVM Compatible Layer 2 Solution

The Nervos Network’s Ben Morris Talks About Godwoken, the EVM Compatible Layer 2 SolutionThe Nervos Network is an open Blockchain platform for innovators to build applications that are decentralized, autonomous and universally accessible. They want to create an all-encompassing architecture that allows dApp developers to build once and reach all of these users, everywhere using layer 1 + Layer 2 solutions. Ben Morris is the Director of Business […]

Everscale Grants Program (Ex FreeTON) Now Accepting Applications

Everscale (ex FreeTON) network developers Broxus have announced the opening of their Everscale Grants program. The grants program will provide crucial financial and professional support to promising IT startups that qualify. November has been a busy month for the Everscale network. Early on the project, which previously was called FreeTON, announced it would be rebranding […] Unlocks Earn on Crypto is integrating technology from CoinFLEX that enables users to earn interest on a wide range of cryptoassets, including a US-dollar stablecoin (flexUSD), through both passive and active strategies. The passive yield strategy is built on flexUSD, a US-dollar pegged cryptocurrency that automatically provides all holders with compounding interest payments, regardless of where they hold […]

Crypto Derivatives Powerhouse Phemex Launches Trading Contest With a Colossal $750,000 Prize Pool

Some say trading is a game of luck; others view it as an adventure sport. Just like athletes love performing mind-blowing maneuvers, there’s a thrill that comes with executing the perfect trade, For those newer to the scene, trading competitions allow novice traders to learn and grow as a broker, and give more experienced participants […]

Pocketcoin (PKOIN) Is Now Available for Purchase With Visa/Mastercard and 19 Different Cryptos

Pocketcoin (PKOIN) is a Proof-of-Stake token that is used decentralized advertising, boosting posts and featuring comments on the decentralized crypto social platform Bastyon․com. PKOIN also gives users specific privileges while using Bastyon․com social platform and is used for node staking. Authors also earn crypto for their content on Bastyon․com. And now Pocketcoin is available for […]