The Rise of High-risk Businesses – How Fintech and Cryptocurrency Have Come To the Rescue

The internet has radically changed commerce and opportunities for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) globally. The ability for smaller merchants and businesses to operate internationally has been a game-changer. However, numerous payment problems have arisen resulting from the rapidity of the change, and financial services are struggling to keep up. Legacy infrastructure is holding back business It is frustrating for many SMEs that they can now operate across borders, but legacy banking infrastructure often labels smaller businesses as ‘high-risk’. This can make transactions difficult, risky, slow, and expensive. For example, a business receiving an international payment will probably use SWIFT and won’t receive the money for between one and five days, on average. There is no transparency in the process, there will be fees attached and, probably, an unfavorable exchange rate. Then there are the risks for the merchant that arise from credit card fraud. The recent 2021 Chargeback Field report found that between 2018 and 2021, there was a 21 percent increase in criminal fraud. There are solutions available for P2P transactions and larger companies, but SMEs have been largely excluded. As smaller businesses often operate on very tight margins, this is holding back a lot of enterprises. Fortunately, solutions have been appearing thanks to nimbler fintech companies, innovative new platforms, and the adoption of cryptocurrencies. High-risk SMEs and cross-border transactions are on the rise Companies are generally labelled ‘high risk’ for a couple of reasons. First, the type of industry is one of the broader and often more arbitrary ones. These can include online pharmacies, VoIP providers, and even subscription services to things like magazines. Some industries deemed high risk are vast. The online gaming industry, for example, was worth US$37.65 billion in 2019 and is expected to be worth US$122.05 billion in 2025. Cryptocurrencies and related businesses are similarly deemed risky, yet Bitcoin alone is valued at $1.03 trillion (as of 26th November 2021). Secondly, SMEs are frequently labeled high risk as they tend to have low sales and transaction volumes. Also, smaller companies operating outside of wealthier countries or blocks – such as the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the EU – are grouped into this ‘risky’ category. However, this is incredibly limiting, especially given that SMEs account for 90% of all businesses worldwide. The internet is still expanding, and smaller merchants are suddenly able to reach global markets. Unfortunately, the legacy banking infrastructure has fallen behind in how it labels risk and penalizes SMEs making cross-border transactions. However, fintech is finding solutions, and the banks are being forced to play catchup. Cryptocurrencies solve the main problems with traditional banking systems Ironically, given its frequent labelling as ‘high risk’, it seems that cryptocurrency might be a solution. Fintech companies like XanPool, and its platform XanPay, have developed infrastructures that bypass legacy banking networks. XanPool’s founder and CEO, Jeffery Liu, explains how his company’s cross-border payment solution came about. “As an entrepreneur, I am also on the lookout for problems people are having, and I then set out to try and provide a solution,” he says. “XanPool was founded in 2019 because there was a problem onboarding and offboarding from fiat currencies to crypto. The issue was that to buy and sell crypto with local currency, you had to go through the legacy banking infrastructure with all its fees, delays, and risks. Given that Bitcoin was invented to bypass traditional systems, the situation was crazy. So, we designed a way around that.” XanPool is essentially a market-making software that lets buyers and sellers – liquidity providers – trade crypto using various digital wallets or bank accounts. “We have cryptocurrency and a network of local currency liquidity providers that allows users to bypass traditional banking systems. This means they can also avoid the extra fees and exchange rate problems and, as transactions are instant, there aren’t days of delays and risks of chargebacks and fraud,” Liu says. Once XanPool was up and running, Liu saw another problem that could be fixed. By leveraging XanPool’s existing cryptocurrency and liquidity pool, cross-border payments could also bypass traditional international banking infrastructure. SMEs had been left behind, but that is changing “We knew SMEs had been largely ignored by the banking system, with regards to making international payments. This was especially true in countries and industry sectors that established finance deemed risky. This includes most online businesses and nearly all of the Asia Pacific region countries,” Liu says. Given that there are an estimated 213 million SMEs globally and almost 132 million of them are in the Asia Pacific region, there are a lot of enterprises being deemed ‘high risk’ and excluded from easy cross-border transactions. “To solve this problem, we created XanPay,” Liu explains. “It’s a payment platform that every high-risk business from SMEs to eSports can use. As it works with local existing payment platforms, it is straightforward to implement and use. Furthermore, because it is built on XanPool’s infrastructure, these enterprises benefit from instant international payments with no risk of chargebacks or credit fraud. Having transactions that are 40 per cent cheaper and are instant decreases the risk that got them penalized in the first place.” The advantage of fintech solutions like XanPay is that they were able to start with a fresh slate. Banks are struggling to adapt their systems and make them more efficient, but newer companies can start from scratch and incorporate advances like eWallets and cryptocurrency. As more SMEs in developing countries move online, the number of businesses labeled ‘risky’ will continue to rise. Even a few years ago, this was a significant issue. Now, thankfully, there are several fintech solutions – and if the banks don’t catch up, they will be left behind.

XinFin XDC Network has Successfully Launched a Futuristic Andromeda Upgrade

XinFin is one of the most popular networks with millions of users connected all over the world. Its native major upgrade has gone live. XDC token ranks as the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies in the marketplace till today. With such popularity in the market, XinFin XDC Network was proudly released on 2nd December 2021. The XDC network successfully launched its delegated XDPoS consensus protocol at block number 38383838. The network thanked community members for their support to update to the current version. Congratulations @XinFin_Official community.🎉 “Andromeda” XDPoS upgrade successfully updated at block 38383838. We thank the community for all the support. The upgrade is the result of years of study & development by protocol scientists & Ph.D. professors. — XinFin (@XinFin_Official) December 2, 2021 Interestingly, this special update is marked as Andromeda, named after the galaxy by the community. Through this upgrade XDC network brings in unique features supportive to its users and to the community. In addition, the activation of this  incompatible protocol requests the users to agree for the Andromeda update to be a part of the XinFin XDC network. Undoubtedly, there are few energetic and brilliant minds supporting this special upgrade to the network. The upgrade is the result of years of study & development by protocol scientists & Ph.D. professors. Including Pramod Viswanath, Gerui Wang, Fisher Yu, Jerome Wang. Significantly, Andromeda update is planned and brought in to develop and expand the XDC network in the competitive market. Thus, let us revise all of its innovative features added to XinFin XDC Network’s Mainnet. The special benefit of the Andromeda update is, it will support the move of Ethereum’s EVM -compatible projects to XinFin network. Through this, XinFin developers will be powered to use the code from any EVM chains without any external transformations. In addition, it includes nearly zero gas fees, 99% low consumption of energy compared to PoW networks. Another fact is as the innovative upgrade is built upon the advanced BFT consensus protocol, it ensures the XDC network with a super power of military-grade security. Also the active performances in the network consumes low resources through the fully backward incompatible feature in terms of APIs. Thus, leading the XDC network to wave its flag high in its future evolution. Moreover, this important  Eth_chainId feature guards the system with 100% security protecting the repetitive transaction processes. As a notable function, the military-grade security is associated with forensic monitoring which removes the detected bad nodes in the network. Thus, this increases the master node owner benefits which results in these nodes joining the Mainnet system of XDC Network. Recently many projects started to position with XinFin XDC Network. As it gains a benefit in competing the XDC network over Ethereum network. On XDC Network, two new DEXes are about to be released, listing all the XRC20 Tokens. Currently the XinFin network holds 500+ contracts and 1 million active wallets as per the Block Explorer. Further, after the upgrade the XinFin XDC network will continue to render its support extending the present public ledger from the XDPoS1.0 version. Along with APIs to default browsers, exchanges and wallets will be modified into a fully backward compatible network. As an additional benefit, the transaction fees will be transferred to the owner’s address instead of the coinbase or miner’s address. Hence, this Andromeda upgrade is more transparent, increasing the trust and safety for both the network and the token. Thus, it creates a hype to choose XDC as a long term asset grabbing the entire investors community. As the crypto market is unpredictable, price fluctuations remain the same. But, through this massive update, XDC network will be empowered to be a strong competitor for Ethereum overcoming all major challenges in the industry. XDC coin which powers the xinfin network trading at $ 0.9 with various exchanges like kucoin, bitfinex, and bittrex as per coinmarketcap data.

Introducing BNBMatrix – One of The Best Yield Farming Smart Contracts On BSC!

While cryptocurrency has attracted a significant following in the subsequent years, it continues to grow after hitting a record-breaking all-time high. Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, is valued at nearly $67,000. (Source: Forbes) Thus, more and more people are drawn towards investing in cryptocurrency. And, what better way to do that than yield farming? Yield farming is an investment strategy to lend crypto to generate returns in the form of additional crypto. You lock your funds in a smart contract on a Blockchain app. It is a core activity of the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. You can make high returns on Binance Coin (BNB) through yield farming dapps. Nowadays, there are many decentralised applications (Dapps) for yield farming. While many of them promise good returns, one is making waves as the best yield farming smart contract on BSC with ROI as high as 234% – it is called BNBMatrix. Introducing BNBMatrix is a smart contract-based BSC platform for BNB yield farming. This dapp claims to deliver high profits on deposits as low as 0.01 BNB. The idea is to make high profits while investing a minimum amount and time. Thus, you don’t need to have excessive BNB reserves to start yield farming on BNBMatrix. Therefore, in such a short time, it has surpassed the 30,000 BNB mark.  So, connect your decentralized wallet on BNBMatrix, deposit BNB and get ready to return a high return on investment (ROI). Key Features of BNBMatrix Here are a few reasons why BNBMatrix is soon to become the best yield farming dapp on BSC. 1. High ROI Rewards on dapps often keep fluctuating due to liquidity and price action. However, BNBMatrix ensures fixed yield percentages of 7.8% to 17% on deposits. Depositors can generate a total ROI of 119% to 234%! 2. User-friendly  BNBMatrix offers a simple and uncluttered website. The layout and intuitive design make it super easy to use and navigate. So, even if you are a newbie to yield farming, you will have no issues using BNBMatrix. 3. Safe and Secure  BNBMatrix is very careful about the safety and security of its users. The smart contract dapp is audited by Haze Crypto. So, BNBMatrix is 100% legit with no scams and vulnerabilities. 4. 24/7 Customer Support BNBMatrix offers round-the-clock customer support for any queries and concerns the users may have. You can reach the support staff via live chat on Telegram and social media accounts. 5. Referral Program BNBMatrix has a referral program to allow users to generate extra income. After making a deposit, you will receive a referral link to share with friends. Once someone makes a deposit, you can earn a percentage of the deposit amount. Thus, your deposit amount increases, and you earn a higher ROI! 6. Quick Deposit and Withdrawal BNBMatrix allows you to quickly deposit and withdraw BNB by connecting a decentralized wallet. The processing is quick and straightforward. BNBMatrix is worth it Most of the dapps on BSC are unsafe and filled with scammers. BNBMatrix, on the other hand, is a legit and safe platform that anyone with a supported wallet, internet access, and browser can easily access. Moreover, the amazing ROI of 119% to 234% is a game-changer in the world of yield farming.   Image: Pixabay

Taking IoT into the Future: Cartesi Joins Forces with IoTeX

With an upcoming Ideathon for Dutch Blockchain Week, the collaboration will provide innovative IoT services with all the safety and security benefits of blockchain technology This year has seen the near infinite applications of blockchain technology continue to positively impact the world and the thousands of businesses within it, with growth in the industry not set to pause anytime soon. Supply chain, hospitality, medical data, payment systems and more already benefit greatly from updated and decentralized systems; the blockchain devices market, in particular, is expected to grow to over $2,459 million by 2026; a CAGR of 38.5%. The IoTeX blockchain is a leader in this field, already powering real devices, including award-winning blockchain-powered cameras from Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and the Pebble geo device, which is perfect for supply chain optimization in any industry. A multiple award-winning EVM-compatible blockchains for the Internet of Things (IoT), IoTeX was founded in 2017 and fuels the Internet of Trusted Things, as an open ecosystem where humans and machines can interact with guaranteed trust and privacy. This week an exciting partnership was forged between IoTeX and Cartesi, a platform that integrates the world-renowned Linux and other standard programming environments to the blockchain. As “The Blockchain OS” Cartesi bridges the gap between mainstream software and blockchain, welcoming millions of new startups and their developers to a rapidly expanding industry, offering them a home for their code. A powerful duo This collaboration will, in the near future, see implementations of some of the first use cases with Cartesi’s pioneering technology and the IoTeX infrastructure, performing technical integrations that will enable both teams behind the partnership to address much more sophisticated IoT-oriented solutions. Cartesi and IoTex will kick off their partnership with an Ideathon during The Dutch Blockchain Week, which runs from December 6th until December 10th, 2021. The Ideathon will invite participants to come up with a use case for the IoTeX pebble that will solve a problem or interesting challenge experienced in everyday life. Participants will ideate a Web3 use case that uses real-world data from IoTex’s Pebble Tracker and the off-chain computing resources from Cartesi; using real-time data, public datasets, and Cartesi’s Linux-based blockchain OS, they design an “if-then statement” that executes a smart contract depending on insights gleaned from the data type of choice. Example use cases are plentiful: Weather insurance could take real-time temperature data from a Pebble Tracker which is cross-referenced against the 10-year historical average temperature within Cartesi’s off-chain compute environment, or real-time GPS data from a vehicle equipped with a Pebble Tracker could be cross-referenced against public map datasets within Cartesi’s off-chain compute environment to provide a trusted trip for millions of travelers. Alongside a public community vote, the panel has a jury that will help in deciding on a winner. Empowerment for developers, new possibilities for end-users of IoT devices By bringing a Linux OS to the blockchain, Cartesi has already unlocked a rich set of possibilities for what can be developed for people and businesses in future years. With this new collaborative effort, new experiences will be created for users of IoT technology; Cartesi OS has the potential to add a layer of privacy as well as more sophisticated data ownership management to IoT, giving users the option to choose when, where, and with whom their data is shared. With the reduction of the environmental impact of blockchain technology a hot topic this year, both teams are planning to combine their expertise to create sustainable yet impactful future solutions for decentralized IoT; Through the partnership, both projects want to bring their respective communities of developers up to speed on the potential of their combined technologies. “IoTex is an environmentally friendly-oriented blockchain,” says Cartesi CEO Erick de Moura. “We combine their blockchain technology, expertise on IoT, and hardware devices with our Layer-2 environmentally friendly blockchain agnostic technology. The integrated framework will promote a more powerful development framework for our communities, developers, and any companies interested in building fully trusted IoT solutions.” Those interested in the future of IoT and blockchain are invited to join the Cartesi and IoTeX teams at the upcoming virtual event. Follow Cartesi or IoTeX on Twitter to keep updated on when sign-up opens or register for Dutch Blockchain Week now to stay in the loop on other interesting talks and events. – The Best Game With the Possibility of Earning Money on Binance Smart Chain

The emergence of cryptocurrencies has given a lot of opportunities for people, uniting populations all over the world, helping people to create communities, to interact with each other, and at the same time to earn money. Cryptocurrencies have been widely used and distributed around the world, acting as an alternative to the existing monetary system. Now digital assets are actively applied in all spheres of activity. They did not bypass the gaming sphere either. Games already have large user communities, and the opportunity to earn money makes games not only interesting and exciting but also profitable. Such a game was created by, providing users with not only an interesting but also a very profitable product. POWER is the in-game currency of the platform, which brings profit to all participants. By exchanging CAKE for POWER, players get resources for their factory, increasing their daily profit. Your earnings depend only on you and on the strategy you choose. The game economy allows players to develop their own earning strategy in order to overtake other participants and to achieve the best results. But that’s not all. There are various incentive measures that will help you to earn even more money. For those who want to increase their income, a VIP account is provided. It gives players premium status, accelerates their achievements in the game and allows users to increase the capacity of their factories in the shortest possible time. The price of a VIP account depends on the total capacity of the factory. To increase your income has created a lottery. For each of their actions, players receive additional points that are used in the lottery. Once every 6 hours, 1 winner is selected, who receives 90% of the lottery pot. The more points you have, the higher the chance of winning. uses the Binance Smart Chain blockchain to ensure the greatest transparency of the game and increase user confidence in the economy of the gameplay. The presence of a blockchain allows for full transparency in the organization of the lottery and the publication of its results. Everything is fair and transparent. For those who want to earn more by promoting the benefits of the game around the world, a multi-level referral system is provided. It allows you to receive 5% – 2.5% – 0.5% from deposits of your partners   For, safety is of paramount importance. The platform of the game is absolutely safe and has passed all checks and audits. The main project, has been audited by hazesecurity ( and CertiK ( The team has created a game not only interesting and exciting but also profitable and honest, where everyone can earn depending on the chosen game strategy, being sure that everything on the platform is honest and transparent. Join to earn money on modern technologies and use all the opportunities they offer.

How Instrumental Finance Corrects Challenges in Liquidity Provisioning

Liquidity provisioning is arguably one of the most important developments in DeFi to date allowing innovators and end-users to explore new boundaries per financial instruments without the usual go-betweens. The concept of liquidity provisioning, whether inbound or outbound, has quickly established itself as the essence for the burgeoning DeFi industry’s continued growth, growing more than 1,000% since the March Covid market crash of 2020. However, as DeFi advances into the future at full speed, challenges to liquidity provisioning (LPing) continue to grow. A siloing effect has emerged in the industry due to a lack of interoperability between the different layer 2 and layer 1 solutions and their respective applications. Meanwhile, the success of liquidity provisioning is dependent on moving in and out of trade positions to maximize earnings at the slightest cost. Without interoperability solutions, transferring assets from different protocols on different layers becomes extremely difficult. This can ultimately discourage liquidity providers; the time and fees it takes to switch their LP position to one on another chain or layer may no longer be worth the new yield opportunity. Thus, users are unable to maximize their earnings, and the use case of liquidity provisioning falls short. Instrumental Finance presents a new solution that attempts to alleviate these interoperability problems for liquidity providers and the larger DeFi ecosystem. Instrumental is a chain and layer-agnostic solution directing LP positions through various L1 and L2 scaling solutions. Its solution is able to help facilitate asset transfers, swaps, and the creation and support of complex LP strategies for its users. By doing so, Instrumental can help liquidity providers access new yield opportunities that currently are not available to them. Incubated by Composable Labs, the incubation arm of Composable Finance, Instrumental is taking advantage of the software development kit (SDK) and cross-layer asset swapping Mosaic tool from Composable Finance. This allows Instrumental to power the Instrumental Vault, their main feature that helps users optimize their LP yield across different L2s and L1. Instrumental will also benefit from L2 and L1 solutions already linked to Composable’s Mosaic tool, such as Arbitrum, Polygon, the Avalanche C-Chain, and Moonriver. This strategic relationship with Composable will help Instrumental enable and deliver yield opportunities to an even broader community of users. Instrumental’s strategy addresses the barriers to LPing head-on in order to optimize yield for its users. It solves interoperability issues by bridging between chains and layers, setting the stage for Instrumental to essentially become a money lego. This allows for future applications to build off of this foundation and benefit from Instrumental’s innovations. Other solutions in the industry currently unmatch this approach to solving the problems that plague liquidity provisioning. Instrumental’s innovative solution puts it in a position to lead DeFi into the future of decentralized liquidity providing,  allowing the industry to continue to grow in the right direction.  

Tron Founder Justin Sun Purchases Joker Inspired BAYCTron For A Record $15 Million

The founder of the Tron network, Justin Sun, has bought a Joker-inspired artwork by Bored Ape Yacht Club Tron (BAYCTron), one of the first and most popular NFT collections on his blockchain today. The price tag? A stunning 150,000,000 TRX or $15 million. With this transaction, the artwork BAYCT #6666 takes first place as Tron’s most expensive NFT sale to date. A position previously held by another Justin Sun purchase — the Tpunk #3442, which sold for $10,5 million in August 2021. Ironically, his Tpunk was also inspired by the Joker Movie of DC Comics.   Crypto Punk #NFT became the most expensive @Twitter avatars worth $10M! But today, the world record has been renewed again. I bought a new Ape avatar with $15M worth of #TRX today! After all, the art of the #NFT avatar is the new artistic showcasing for our generation. — Justin Sun 🅣🌞 (@justinsuntron) November 30, 2021 The Chinese-born, 31-year-old tech billionaire is a deep believer in the digital art space and, particularly, the use of non-fungible tokens as key enablers of its development. Justifying his latest acquisition, Sun wrote on Twitter: “After all, the art of the #NFT avatar is the new artistic showcasing for our generation.” While this sudden move by Justin Sun took the BAYCTron community by surprise, it is widely known that this collection has been among the entrepreneur’s favorites alongside Tpunks and Tronmeebits. The purchased Joker artwork is part of a 10,000 NFT collection released on top of the Tron network earlier this year, and that sold out in just under 72 hours, becoming one of this blockchain’s fastest-selling collections. The TRC-721 artworks are an homage to the original Ethereum Bored Ape collection but incorporate a series of exclusive pieces featuring visual elements related to Tron and Justin Sun. “This purchase sends a strong message – the Tron NFT landscape is here to stay. This network offers great advantages for artists to run their collections, such as low fees and strong community and network support. We are delighted to hear about Justin’s purchase and expect other minters of our collection will also benefit from the growing secondary market activity in the coming months,” said BAYCTron CMO Carolina Matusso. This collection also got the attention of APENFT Foundation; a world-class curatorial group focused on identifying and providing support for prospective artists across multiple blockchains, including Tron and Ethereum. In September, APENFT and BAYCTron have signed a strategic partnership to incentivize the development of the project. 🥳🥳Pleased to announce we have established strategic cooperation with @BAYCTron which becomes another TRON NFT project after Tpunk and Tron Meetbits. It is the first public support object since APENFT announced the establishment of NFT Special Fund. @Tronfoundation @BitTorrent — APENFT (@apenftorg) September 22, 2021   The efforts of APENFT seem perfectly aligned with BAYCTron’s plan. The curatorial organization and Tron Foundation have recently established a $100 million fund to support emerging NFT projects and digital artists in this network. Mutant Apes Gain Traction Among Collectors With direct support from Justin Sun and the strong Tron community, the minting of the BAYCTron Mutant Apes collection is rapidly picking up. As of this writing, the excentric and vibrant Mutants are 35 percent minted. The new collection is not less exciting than the first. The Mutants include distinctive versions of the Joker, Harley Quinn, Kill Bill, and even Justin Sun. Collectors can still mint Mutant Apes for a fixed cost of 1000 TRX (~ $100) in the hopes that this new collection replicates the same luck as the original Apes.

4JNET DeFi and Metaverse Project is the Most Sought After. Now Officially Launched, Rate Increased 388% Within Couple of Hours

A blockchain project 4JNET gained huge attention long before the launch is broadcast live. 4JNET which is referred to as the “Pinnacle of Fairness” in today’s DeFi industry has opened door to the crypto community by introducing its first offering, the 4JNET DEX. It accompanies the fair launch of the project’s native 4JNET tokens enabling the enthusiastic community to start trading against BNB, with support for other cryptocurrencies in the pipeline. Community Response Many Defi projects are supposed to qualify on the principles of openness, transparency and fairness unfortunately not every project follows the principles. Following the launch, the project received a great response as community members actively participated in 4JNET/BNB trades. The price of tokens is rapidly increased by 388% within a couple of hours, signifying the potential for growth in the near future. The DEX Introducing the DEX is the first step of the 4JNET team towards forming a robust ecosystem. The project is actively working on creating its Metaverse system which approximately launch on February 2022. NFT solution is the key of Metaverse it allows starting with NFT minting, marketplace, currency and NFT swaps, deposit and withdrawal of digital assets and a lot more to create an end-to-end ecosystem. NFTs in 4JNET Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) play a prominent role in the 4JNET ecosystem, starting with the unique token distribution model which involved the early sale of 5000 limited edition NFTs to the community. The NFTs, referred to as 4Jpass are more than just a digital representation of some art. It is a full-fledged financial instrument that plays a crucial role in the development and expansion of the 4JNET ecosystem. The 4Jpass holders are the important stakeholders of the project. They are not only receiving a 30% share of the 4JNET tokens but also possess authority in the upcoming Metaverse system. The 4Jpass holders, by registering their identity gain permission for setting competence on the metaverse and participate in transactions without any upper limits. The NFT holders also enjoy discounted fees throughout the ecosystem. 4JNET Fair Launch The tokenomics of 4JNET makes it stand apart from the rest, also makes the tokens more valuable than its peers. With the project development team having no stake in the ecosystem, a total of 200 billion tokens is distributed among the community over a period of time. 4JNET will distribute 50% of the entire supply to LP, 30% to NFT holders and another 10% through airdrops while the remaining 10% will be burned to regulate the supply. The token distribution combined with an initial handling fee of 90% on transactions which gradually reduced to 10% over a short time. Additionally, it ensures everyone gets an advantage in terms of price whether one entering early or late. Further adding to its fairness, the project holds a valid MSB license and has undergone a thorough security audit by CertiK, a reputable blockchain security solutions company. The Community Always Comes First for 4JNET 4JNET is the result of a collective effort by a group of developers and other domain experts from some of the leading tech MNCs in the world. As they turn their vision of a fair and just DeFi platform a reality, they are supported by a strong community that also shares their principles. A combination of the solid roadmap, strong tokenomics and a highly capable team has undoubtedly made 4JNET is a project with huge growth potential. These factors have made 4JNET tokens and NFTs are the most sought-after digital assets. It has created a huge demand among crypto investors wishing to grab a share of the project tokens as early as possible. While it is a great thing for the project as it further increases its chance of becoming a gamechanger in today’s DeFi and Metaverse industry, it has also led to a few unscrupulous actors trying to take advantage of the situation. Recently, a group of such actors impersonating 4JNet developers defrauded the community of over $100,000 by creating a fake 4JNET token and selling it on PancakeSwap. They later burnt the LP, leaving a group of trusted investors poorer. While the 4JNET team didn’t have anything to do with it, they decided that it is ethical for them to compensate these victims by initiating appropriate actions. Once notified about the unfortunate incident, the 4JNET team has decided to raise a request for the fraud account to be frozen. It is also working on the possibility of getting refunds for the victims through BSCscan – the leading BSC validator to minimize their losses. A Warning to 4JNET Investors Considering the recent fraud where the fraudster(s) sent their personal wallet address over Telegram and SNS to trick investors into sending funds for project tokens, a 4JNET team representative said, “The 4JNET team will do everything possible to avoid the recurrence of this incident and reiterate that the 4JNET team will not ask investors to pay in their own name. I hereby warn you that all the information is based on the official website and official Telegram. The group shall prevail.” Crypto investors and community members are requested to verify all the information through official sources before making any transactions. It will help safeguard themselves from falling victims to such frauds, which unfortunately is quite prevalent. The contact address for 4JNET and 4Jpass NFTs is listed prominently on the project’s website 4JNET Contract: 0xbfb1a68962Fb4ED040FD3a0a71dC2C2015BCc667 4Jpass NFT Contract: 0xc942CEee2D86E3e066Ac1f97044E911ced2fe314 If in doubt, the community members are requested to reach out to the team over Telegram or email to verify the authenticity of any messages regarding 4JNET. Buy 4JNET token at –

Uno Re to provide 1.5M insurance coverage to Nord Finance

In Uno Re’s effort to bring safety to the broader crypto community, the protocol has recently announced that their long-term strategic partner, Nord Finance, has increased its coverage from $500,000 to $1,500,000. This decision was taken to further enhance the safety of the protocol and the users on the platform against any unpredictable vulnerabilities. The coverage plan currently provides a customized Protocol Cover for Nord Finance’ single-sided staking pool, USDC, USDT and DAI staking pool on the Ethereum Network! Nord Finance will now receive insurance coverage over their entire protocol on a pro-rata basis with Uno Re. This adjustment will be effective from 29th November 2021 Uno Re is the world’s first decentralized insurance and reinsurance platform, allowing the community to invest and trade in ‘risk’ and receive sizable returns on their investments in one of the safest asset classes in the world. The platform will break barriers to entry for the retail investor by doing away with the historic pre-requisite of absurdly high capital generally needed to invest in the market while also introducing much-needed transparency into the industry as a whole. Uno Re will also allow the community to propose innovative insurance products to the space, thus propelling a new generation of Insurtech companies powered by the Uno Re ecosystem.  

Aurory Project: The Leading Web3 Gaming Studio on Solana

Blockchain games are taking the gaming industry by storm by introducing new rewards systems for players and participants. Introducing Aurory Project: the Solana and Serum-powered blockchain gaming platform that brings the Web2 gaming excitement to the decentralized space. Aurory is a fantasy RPG game that uses play-to-earn gaming mechanisms, enabling players to roam the vast digital world and be rewarded for their participation. In addition, the platform has developed a PvE mode allowing players to traverse between Antik and Cryptos, two distinct worlds where they meet in-game creatures called Nefties. The magical creatures can be caught or traded as they become an integral part of the entire JRPG experience. The platform is pushing to decrease the entry barrier for decentralized gaming, making Web3 gaming more accessible to players by diversifying their offerings. As previously noted, Aurory offers a PvE mode with the scope of making the transition between Web2 and Web3 gaming more seamless. In addition, the game also features a PvP Multiplayer mode where players can challenge each other and win prizes and participate in giveaways based on their winning history. The platform has launched its own utility token, $AURY, through a successful IDO launch. Holders of in-game currency $AURY can stake their tokens on the Aurory platform, thus using their tokens to generate additional passive income or purchase in-game assets to improve their hero’s attributes. At the time of writing, $AURY tokens are available on FTX, KuCoin Raydium and Orca. The Competitive Team Advantage As Aurory’s narrative continues to evolve, the project has onboarded top-class experienced developers and creatives who’ve worked for AAA studios. In addition, every team member who contributes to the visual identity and development of the game has more than 10 years of experience in Web2 game development, making them an indispensable asset for creating a converging gaming experience. Stephan Carmignani is Aurory’s Creative Director and has 22 years of experience working for major game development companies such as Ubisoft, EA, and Warner Brothers. In addition, Simon Lallemand joined Aurory as the Environment Art Director and has over 15 years of experience in the field, working for companies such as Ubisoft and Gameloft. Jonathan Campeau has recently joined Aurory as Executive Producer working for more than 18 years for the likes of Ubisoft, EA, and Gameloft. Jonathan has contributed to the release and development of games such as Prince of Persia or Far Cry 6 and has also produced VR and AR games in the past. Tristan Yver and Darren Lau have been onboarded by Aurory as advisors due to their unmatched experience in the decentralized field. Tristian has developed FTX and Serum, while Darren has co-authored Coingeko’s first eBook: ‘’How To DeFi’’. Their expertise is an asset that has and will help Aurory to stand out. The Stand Outs With GameFi only progressing into mainstream attention, the look and feel of most games are still basic and murky. Aurory, on the other hand, mimics the UI, UX, and graphics of established Web2 games. Given the studio’s rapid expansion and ability to target a more significant market segment, Aurory Project has gained support and capital funding from Alameda Research, CMS Holdings, or Jump Capital. Moreover, the studio has received funding from Animoca Brands, which has previously invested in trademark games such as Axie Infinity. NFTs and GameFi are the new bread and butter of the decentralized ecosystem. To ensure faster integration of blockchain into gaming habits, users need to gain exposure to games like Aurory through partnerships with established esports companies. They recently partnered with TSM FTX, the global esports organization, to release their first branded NFT collection on Solana. TSM became crypto-friendly after signing a $210 million dollar deal with FTX.